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Download page for minixsv, a lightweight XML schema validator

minixsv is currently in beta state (version 0.9.0).
You can find more information about minixsv here.

I am always interested in feedback (bug reports, required features, ...) if you are using minixsv.



Extract the zip-archive into a temporary directory and call "python setup.py install"
or use the Installer for Windows.
In both cases the packages minixsv and genxmlif will be installed into [PythonDir]/lib/site-packages.
For the Python egg file use easy_install for installation.

The generic XML interface code on which minixsv is based is extracted into a separate python package
(genxmlif). The zip files, the Python egg and the Windows installer contain both packages (genxmlif and minixsv).

If you want to use the elementtree kit (by Fredrik Lundh), you have to install it separately
(only for Python 2.4!  Python 2.5 already contains elementtree in the standard distribution).
You can find the current version here.

If you want to use the 4DOM package, you have to install it separately.
You can find the current version here.


Current release:

Release 0.9.1 (beta) of minixsv:  [readme]
Source Distribution (zip):           minixsv-0.9.1-20150408.zip

Source Distribution (tar.gz):       minixsv-0.9.1-20150408.tar.gz

Older releases:

Release 0.9.0 (beta) of minixsv:  [readme]
Source Distribution (zip):           minixsv-0.9.0-20080811.zip

Source Distribution (tar.gz):       minixsv-0.9.0-20080811.tar.gz
Windows Installer:                    minixsv-0.9.0-20080811.win32.exe
Python Egg (Python 2.4):          minixsv-0.9.0-py2.4.egg
Python Egg (Python 2.5):          minixsv-0.9.0-py2.5.egg

Release 0.8 (alpha) of minixsv:  [readme]
Source Distribution (zip):           minixsv-0.8-20070616.zip

Source Distribution (tar.gz):       minixsv-0.8-20070616.tar.gz
Windows Installer:                    minixsv-0.8-20070616.win32.exe
Python Egg (Python 2.4):          minixsv-0.8-py2.4.egg
Python Egg (Python 2.5):          minixsv-0.8-py2.5.egg

Release 0.7 (alpha) of minixsv:  [readme]
Source Distribution (zip):           minixsv-0.7-20060824.zip

Source Distribution (tar.gz):       minixsv-0.7-20060824.tar.gz
Windows Installer:                    minixsv-0.7-20060824.win32.exe
Python Egg:                             minixsv-0.7-py2.4.egg

Copyright 2004-2008 by Roland Leuthe